AC Electric Motor Sales and Replacements

Electrical Equipment Solutions carries one of the largest on-hand inventories of high quality AC electric motors in the Tri-State area. We specialize in identifying replacement motors to match OEM components exactly in form, fit, and function. You get accurate, reliable drop-in replacements that enhance your production efficiency and minimize downtime.

When choosing a replacement AC electric motor, Electrical Equipment Solutions will assist in determining horsepower, rotating speed, frame size, enclosure requirements and voltage needed for 3 phase or single phase input power. We guarantee our motor recommendations will meet or exceed your application requirements and will re-mount directly on the operating system.

Customers familiar with our motor expertise, replacement parts identification system, and on-hand AC electric motor inventory know why New York and New Jersey have relied on Electrical Equipment Solutions for over 50 years.

Spare AC Electric Motors

We can also help you implement an effective spare motor management policy to keep downtime to a minimum. Our motor experts begin by reviewing all existing operating equipment to create a motor database, highlighting any critical spares needed on-hand.

Unusual, non-stock motors will then be readily available, helping you avoid machine downtime or having to procure costly OEM replacements, often with extended delivery schedules. Development of an optimal plant storeroom for critical spare motors and other plant support equipment assures dependable, immediate replacements.

We carry new AC electric motor replacements from the following manufacturers:

  • Baldor-Reliance
  • WEG AC Motors
  • Leeson Electric
  • Marathon Electric
  • U.S. Motors
  • Brook Crompton Metric Motors

Reliance Electric is now part of Baldor~Reliance. Our fifty years of experience representing Reliance and Baldor helps us quickly identify and quote a current Baldor~Reliance replacement.

Premium and High Efficiency AC Electric Motors

By the end of 2010, government standards will require that virtually all motors manufactured in the United States be required to meet NEMA premium efficiency standards. Currently, we carry both high efficiency EPACT motors, along with the NEMA Premium Efficiency ratings, which will soon become a routine product. 

Both are available in a variety of enclosures such as totally enclosed, open and explosion proof, as well as special enclosures and mountings such as foot-mounted, C-Face, and D-flange designs. The most common general purpose designs are stocked through 100 HP in a variety of speeds, enclosures and mounting configurations. Appropriate motor choices are carefully recommended for torque and speed range needs. 

NEMA Motors Mounting Configurations
IEC Mounting Enclosures
IEC Flange Mounting Options


Severe Duty Motors and IEEE 841 AC Electric Motors

Both severe duty and IEEE 841 designs offer protection for harsh environments such as chemical/pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, petro-chemical, and waste management. These motors feature corrosion-resistant construction, special winding insulation protection, and shaft seals to prevent contaminants from entering the motor.

Explosion Proof and Hazardous Duty AC Electric Motors

Divisions, Classes and Groups of motors are classified to meet safety and insurance standards where potentially explosive contaminants exist in the operating area of a motor.

Various liquids, solvents, gases and dusts may be present, requiring a specialized motor choice. Our experience can direct you to an AC motor which safely complies with hazardous environments, even if it is now or becomes a variable speed application later.  Proper UL certification for NEMA motors and ATEX certification for metric IEC motors must appear on a nameplate to satisfy inspection regulations. Washdown AC Electric Motors

When food or chemical processing requires cleansing of operating equipment, often with high pressure hosing, washdown certified or stainless steel motors are commonly applied. A wide variety of ratings and mountings exist, offering guaranteed protection against water entry from routine water clean-ups.

High Performance Vector and Inverter Duty AC Electric Motors

Industries such as printing, paper products, plastics, web handling and packaging, are common examples where a vector duty motor may be called for in a closed or open loop feedback system.  Our technical data page highlights the number of motor choices available when applications call for precise positioning and finite speed regulation to maintain accurate machine control. 

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For more information on AC motor sales and replacements, please contact us or call us at (973) 742-8383. As always, you'll receive a fast response and quality service from the most trusted name in AC motors in the metropolitan area.