DC Electric Motor Sales and Replacements

DC motors have been the workhorse of the electric motor industry for over a century. Electrical Equipment Solutions is home to a large inventory of replacement DC electric motors, from sub-fractional to large horsepower, on-hand and ready for drop-in.  Our service center has routinely repaired DC motors and generators for years and we stock the replacement brushes need to provide quick turnaround.

Unlike chain stores, we have a full staff of highly trained motor specialists available to answer all your DC motor questions. Our motor experts are highly experienced in identifying and recommending DC motor replacements that meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Both wound field and permanent magnet DC motors are stocked so that we may provide a replacement motor that re-mounts directly on your operating system. If for some reason we do not have your DC motor in stock, we can offer free freight on orders placed with our weekly stock orders.

Baldor and Leeson AC Motors

We are an authorized dealer for the following DC Electric Motor manufacturers:

  • Baldor~Reliance
  • Leeson
  • GE motors
  • Bull Electric

Our prompt, reliable service and industry leading expertise have been serving New York and New Jersey for over 50 years.

Need help choosing a motor?  Visit our What Motor Do I Need page for more information on selecting the proper electric motor for your specific application. 

Advantages of DC Motors

Unlike AC motors, the design of DC motors allows for high performance at a wide spectrum of variable operating speeds; allowing virtually full torque down to near zero speed.

Lower manufacturing costs and advancements in AC drive technology plus development of high performance AC motors have somewhat limited the advantage of DC equipment.  Our experience in converting many DC applications over to full AC drive and motor replacement allows you to considering upgrading when DC repair or replacement costs are excessive.

There is a maintenance factor to consider when operating DC motors, and relying on a dependable service shop can alleviate the need for the disappearing on-hand electrical specialist.

General Purpose DC Motors

Available in permanent magnet (fractional to several HP) or wound field designs for larger horsepower, our inventory of general purpose DC motors provides immediate variable speed capability. Shop modifications are routinely provided to add optional tachometer generators or encoders for closed loop applications.

Washdown DC Motors

When food or chemical processing requires equipment cleansing, often with high pressure hosing, epoxy-painted or stainless steel motors are commonly used. A wide variety of ratings and mountings exist, offering guaranteed protection against water entry from routine water clean-ups.

Explosion Proof & Hazardous Duty DC Motors

Divisions, Classes and Groups of motors are classified to meet safety and insurance standards where potentially explosive contaminants exist in the operating area of a motor. Proper UL certification for DC motors and ATEX certification for metric IEC motors must appear on a nameplate to satisfy inspection regulations.

Contact Electrical Equipment Solutions

For more information on DC motor sales and replacements, please contact us or call us at (973) 742-8383. As always, you'll receive a fast response and quality service from the most trusted name in DC motors in the metropolitan area.