Inverter / Vector Motors

Electrical Equipment Solutions is an authorized distributor of high performance inverter and vector motors from Baldor~Reliance, Marathon, Weg AC Motors, and Leeson. We can quickly identify and recommend the most suitable high performance motor for your application.

Inverter and Vector motors are designed for wide speed ranges and tight speed regulation when used with inverter or vector variable speed drives. Both motor types feature a low inertia design, facilitating rapid direction changes and immediate response to acceleration/deceleration commands. Close tolerance to set speeds can be enhanced when a feedback device is added.

Inverter duty and vector motors are used in a wide variety of industrial applications, including material and web handling equipment, textile processing, printing and packaging, crane & hoist operation, and conveyors.

Inverter - Vector Duty Electric Motors - New Jersey

Inverter Duty Motor Overview

Inverter duty motors are fully compatible with variable speed drives, and are ideal for applications requiring torque be maintained over a wide operating spectrum. They are available in a variety of enclosures, base speeds and mountings.

Vector Motor Overview

Featuring up to a 1000:1 speed range, inverter and vector motors maintain constant torque as loading requires. These motors can be used with inverter or vector controls in both open loop or closed loop feedback applications. They are generally built to allow addition of a feedback device like an encoder when closed loop control is required.

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