Power Transmission Products

In addition to our full line of gearmotors and gear reducers, Electrical Equipment Solutions can supply you with high quality sheaves, pulleys, belts, bearings, along with clutch and brake systems.

Most products are fully interchangeable with existing power transmission parts, facilitating easy retrofits or repairs. With 24/7 emergency service and free pickup in the New Jersey & New York area, EES is your total solution for power transmission products.

Mechanical Disk Drives / Variable Speed Drives

Mechanical variable speed belt drives remain a mainstay in many operating plants where electronic variable speed drives are not a viable solution. Our inventory of Reeves, US Electric, and SEW Eurodrive products are available in a variety of sizes and ratings. This equipment often provides simple speed control through handwheel operation. Replacement parts and repair service are available through our service center.

Sheaves and Pulleys

PulleysDodge Reliance PulleysWe stock Dodge, Maska, and Chantland sheaves and pulleys for standard, medium, and heavy-duty applications. Our pulleys are engineered to meet or exceed all CEMA standards.

Our pulley inventory includes heavy duty drum pulleys, timing belt pulleys, round belt pulleys, idler pulleys, flat belt pulleys, engineered drum pulleys, heavy duty magnetic drum pulleys, and steel split drum pulleys.

Industrial Belts

Replacing worn belting with high quality Dodge and Jason Industrial belts can significantly increase the life of your motor and drive components. Professionally installed belts provide drive torque uniformity, reduced noise and vibration, and decreased pulley wear.

Our in-house belt inventory includes neoprene synchronous, urethane, standard v-belts, and adjustable v-belts in both metric and standard. Belt and chain tensioners are available in standard and custom sizes, styles, and materials, and can be configured for various ribs depending on your application.

Power Transmission Couplings

Power Transmission CouplingsHigh quality elastomeric and metallic couplings can extend the life of your equipment by dampening torsional vibration and compensating for misalignment. Our inventory of Dodge, Martin, and Maska couplings are available in many bore sizes for easy shaft attachment and high torque capacities. Couplings can be purchased as bored-to-size or bushed design.

Typical offerings include D-Flex couplings with spacer flexible sleeve, Para-Flex "rubber tire" for extreme misalignment applications, Grid-Lign couplings with flexible tapered element, FLEXIDYNE couplings offering slip upon load startup, and simple jaw-type couplings with rubber insert.

Sprockets & Timing Chain

We offer a wide selection of sprockets and timing chain from brands such as Dodge and HKK. Each component is built using high quality alloys, and has been QC tested to ensure long life and maximum compatibility.

Chains types include riveted, cottered, stainless steel, nickel plated, and double/triple/quadruple strand. Sprocket inventory includes plate, hub, hardened teeth, finished bore, plain bore, and idler.

Shaft Mount Bearings

Shaft mount bearings in a variety of mountings and enclosures provide an efficient means of power transmission in rotating applications. Our primary line of Dodge products includes Pillow-Block and Flange Mount varieties. Standard and washdown enclosures are available, as well as setscrew or GRIP-TIGHT mountings.

Clutches & Brakes

Our NEMA-compliant shaft mounted clutches and brakes provide quiet operation, smooth stopping action, and uniform load distribution. With today's advancements in power transmission clutch and brake systems, adjustments can be made in minutes without disassembly.

Our inventory of shaft mounted clutches and brakes include Dodge, Stearns, and Dings, and are available in standard or custom module configurations.

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For more information on power transmission equipment, please contact us or call us at (973) 742-8383. As always, you'll receive a fast response and quality service from the most trusted name in PT equipment in the metropolitan area.