Power Transmission Equipment

Electrical Equipment Solutions has the expertise and inventory to meet all your power transmission needs. We offer an extensive assortment of gear reducers, gearmotors, and variable speed drives from the leading names in PT equipment, including Dodge, SEW Eurodrive, Boston, Electra, Reeves, Martin, Maska, and Sumitomo.

In addition to offering drop-in replacements, gearmotors and reducers can be repaired in-house at our full service repair facility. With 24/7 emergency service and free pickup in the New Jersey & New York area, EES is your total solution for power transmission equipment.


Gear Reducers

Helical Inline Gear Reducers

Commonly referred to as speed reducers, inline gear reducers help improve power density, increase horsepower and torque ratings, and offer flexible mounting options. HP and Torque ratings range from fractional to 1600HP, with ratios from 2.25 to 194.6.

Our in-house inventory of inline gear reducers includes the Dodge Quantis Inline Speed Reducer.


Right Angle Gear Reducers

Available in single, double, triple, or quadruple configurations, our right angle gear reducers offer reliable, quiet speed reduction. Electrical Equipment Solutions can help you choose an AGMA-certified right angle gear reducer replacement. The most popular, compatible right angle reducer offered is the Dodge TIGEAR line of 5-60:1 ratio units.


Torque Arm Reducers

Today's torque arm reducers are built for long life and maintenance-free operation. Torque arm reducers provide versatile mounting options, easy installation/removal, and provide a wide range of gear reductions in fractional to 700 HP ratings.

Torque arm reducers come equipped with precision helical gearing, corrosion resistant housing, and anti-friction bearings that meet or exceed ABMA standards.


Shaft Mount Reducers

Our shaft mount reducers are available with twin tapered bushing for easy installation, true concentric mounting, and offer a broad range of ratios suitable for almost any power transmission gear reduction application.



AC & DC Gearmotors | Power Transmission

Mill managers looking to increase efficiency and cut costs are turning to AC & DC gearmotors and gear reducers. We stock a full line of drop-in gearmotor replacements that are fully interchangeable with OEM power transmission equipment. Separate C-Face construction is also available to permit use of specialty motors where applications demand.

In addition, we can also identify and recommend replacements for all major gearmotor types; line helical, right-angle helical bevel, and motorized shaft mount. Gearmotor and gear reducer brands include Dodge, SEW Eurodrive, Boston, Electra, and Sumitomo.

Power Transmission Equipment

Electrical Equipment Solutions offers a full line of PT equipment to complement our inventory of motors and drives.  Learn more about our power transmission products such as couplings, pulleys, sheaves, belts, shaft mount bearings are available from manufacturers such as Dodge, Martin, Jason, Rexnord, Maska and more.

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