AC & DC Electric Motor Repair & Rewinds

Motor Rewinds

Free pickup and delivery. 24 hour emergency response service. Motor rewinds and rebuilds as quickly as overnight. This level of customer commitment is why New York & New Jersey have turned to Electrical Equipment Solutions for over 55 years.

All rewinds are completed in-house using Class H, high temperature materials. A standard new equipment warranty applies to all rewound motors.

Our standard policy of reporting the cause of failure may prevent a re-occurrence or immediate failure of an installed spare. When quoting a repair estimate, it is standard policy to offer the price of a new replacement so a fair comparison of repair versus new can be judged.

No Cost Evaluation Services

Before we make repair recommendations, we conduct a full motor analysis highlighted below. Our no-cost services include:

  • Incoming inspection and bench running
  • Complete disassembly
  • Visual inspection and measurement of all machined surfaces against proper tolerances
  • Testing and balancing AC rotors, DC armatures
  • Evaluation of all electrical windings and insulation systems for proper integrity
  • Customer contact to discuss problems, repairs necessary, time to complete repair and cost estimates (pricing vs. new offered for comparison)

Electric Motor Repair vs. Replacement

Often motors are non-standard, custom OEM designs. These types of motors are generally expensive and time consuming to replace. Routinely the best solution is rebuilding on a breakdown; same-day or overnight basis. It can often save time, money, and help avoid costly special handling freight charges.  

Every motor we repair receives upgraded insulation (up to Class H) and premium grades of magnet wire.

Existing winding ratings can be changed through rewinding for compatibility with non-standard voltages or frequencies, or to permit use at a new plant location.

Electric Motor RepairWhat Goes Into a Motor Repair?

  • Identifying causes of motor failure
  • Repair of mechanical & electrical deficiencies
  • Dismantling, testing, and cleaning of stator/rotor assembly
  • Surge comparison testing on existing windings or new coils
  • Testing and/or replacement of thermal protectors
  • Ensuring windings meet or exceed OEM specifications
  • Dipping & baking stator windings with insulating varnish
  • Upgraded insulation replacement (Up to Class H)
  • Replacing bearings, verifying bearing housing tolerances for outer race within motor end brackets and inner race fits on motor shaft bearing surfaces
  • Quality assurance testing

Complete List of Repair Services

  • AC & DC Motor repair and rewinding
  • Generator repair and rewinding
  • Welder repair and rewinding
  • Pump & pump motor repairs
  • Hipot and insulation resistance testing
  • Surge testing
  • Mechanical Variable Speed Belt drives
  • Blower repair
  • Variable Speed Clutch drives
  • Gear reducer repair
  • Hoist repair
  • PC Board  repair
  • Electronic drive repair
  • Dynamic balancing
  • UL approved for explosion proof

Contact Electrical Equipment Solutions

For more information on motor repair and rewinding services, please contact us or call us at (973) 742-8383. As always, you'll receive a fast response and quality service from the most trusted name in DC motors in the metropolitan area.