Electric Motor Technical Data

From electric motor selection to detailed component identification, Electrical Equipment Solutions is your complete source for AC & DC motor technical information.

Our What Motor Do I Need page highlights the many variables in electric motor selection, including enclosure types, horse power ratings and frame types.

Our Hazardous Duty Motors page helps to qualify the various levels of protection necessary when applying any electric motor in a possibly combustable area.  Please use it as a reference for Divisions, Classes and Groups relating to the hazardous area's materials. 

The electric motor blow-up detail page provides an in-depth look at each electric motor component. Whether identifying problems within a motor or looking for a this page can provide a time-saving troubleshooting starting point.  

Contact our 24/7 emergency service hotline at (973) 742-8383 for any additional electric motor technical information. Our highly trained electric motor technicians will quickly responsd to any and all electric motor inquiries.